Over the years, many clients have asked if I would take their furniture and décor pieces on consignment. I am delighted to now offer this service as par of my online business. I will be accepting quality pieces of furniture, as well as décor and accessories that are in mint condition such as mirrors, art pieces, painting, rugs, dish sets, lamps, etc

What I will need from you:

Pieces offered are in your possession (not in a consignment or other store) and are not for sale in an online market place.

Quality photos, 3 to 4 per item, showing all views (front, side, top, etc.) and any imperfections.

Your home address or the area where the sold piece will be picked up.

Price: I will be happy to give you my opinion on the selling price.


What I will deliver to you:

Your listing will be posted on the consignment section of our website and promoted through Instagram and to a group email list of over 1300 clients and 400 designers.

I will take care of the negotiation needed to sell your item.

Once sold, I can arrange shipping, which will be paid for by the buyer.  

I will keep the posting for 10 weeks; after that time the posting will be removed.

You will receive 70% of the selling price after the item sells. For example, if a piece sells for $2400.00, you will receive $1680.00.

All consignments will be confirmed through a signed agreement between you, the consignor, and Maison Marie Antoinette.

To discuss items that you would like to sell on consignment please contact me at 416-697-2699 or


№ 464

The cut out piece at the back of the armoire, is availabloe and can be put back on.