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Oil painting on canvas

№ 167

Oil painting on canvas, 20 x 16 

Oil on canvas, signed G

№ 166

Oil on canvas, signed G

Oil painting on linen canvas, signed B. Bouwer

№ 165

Oil painting on linen canvas, signed B. Bouwer, Dutch painter, Born in 1901 Rott


№ 164


Amazing 19th century oil painting on canvas made into a paravent.

№ 162

A 19th century paravent made with four oil painting on canvas with subject typical of the time, lovely ladies portraits, cherubs and delicate urns with floral arrangements. This paravent would make an unusual headboard.<br>w 80", h 63".

Oil on canvas signed Strevens (1902-1990)

№ 161

Strevens ( 1902-1990) a self taught British painter. exhibited at the Royal Academy and Royal Societey of portraits & Paris Salons.
Framed 371/2" x 32"

Oil on canvas painting

№ 160

French girl with straw hat" Framed Oil painting on canvas. Signed.
France circa 1920